Drone Selfie
Solution of flying cams shooting with automated AI analysis and video production following best trends at social media, immersing WEB 3 technology.
About us
Drone Selfie team working since 2018 to create a solution that works at the intersection of several avant-garde technologies. UAV + AI + Web 3 provide a unique combination wich provide product with fantastic prospects. The solution is already on entertainment market in large outdoor amusement parks. In near future team planing to enter the market for security and access control of objects with extensive infrastructure.

In modern world with increasing use of drones, our solution is called to radically upgrade the processing of video results, storage personal media data as securely as only possible and provide user access to his data in a convenient way in next generation of Internet.

Commercial use today
In 2019 the first partner of Drone Selfie startup was an international company - Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi. Till the time of cooperation was delivered more than 54 000 mediapacks for guests.

  • High Quality
    "Big picture" from UAV in every film.
    Include data telemetry of shooting object in film .
    Multi cameras film from UAV, action and fixed cams.

  • Automation
    UAV shooting as a process without a professional pilot.
    Automation film making.
    Wireless control and data transfer for cams.
  • Effective Services
    IPFS storage personal data with guarantee access.
    GDPR compliance.
    User's personal account to access content in IPFS storage.
    Creating photos based on AI emotion analysis.

  • Good Support
    Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night. You can also visit our offices for a personal consultation.
  • Nice Prices
    Transparent personal billing per unit of digital product.
    Zero cost of the product at start of cooperation.
  • Partner benefits
    Increasing sales and visibility on social media.
    Suitable for many entertainment activities and other cases in security sphere, etc.
    Legal, technical and location restrictions on us.
Ratings from 2019th

"Hi! Drone selfie contacted us in January regarding co-operation at our Planica Zipline. Team is very professional and response to our demands and questions was extremely fast. Team has some very interesting technical solutions suitable for outdoor activities where providers can generate additional turnover and lift up their level of services."
Matija Koren
CEO Planica Zipline, Slovenia
"The Rostislav's team showed excellent results and all our expectations were met. The guys showed not only perfect knowledge and skills, but also showed the ability to find non-standard solutions and optimize business processes."
Artem Leontyev
CCO Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi, Russia

Mediapack samples
Zipline Skypark AJ Hackett
Sochi, Russia

In the park here are the nine activities for extremes and families. ZipLine is the most accessible attraction in Skypark on the threshold of overcoming fear. A breathtaking trolley ride over the Akhshtyr gorge at a speed of 80 km/h is an opportunity to feel like a bird soaring in the sky. 700 meters – this is the distance you fly in one breath from one side of the gorge to the other at an altitude of 330 meters.
MegaTroll Skypark AJ Hackett
Sochi, Russia

Breathtaking flight over the gorge at an altitude of 200 meters at a speed of 120 km/h
Climbing Krasnaya Polyana Resort
Sochi, Russia

One of the largest resorts in Russia. Winter and summer activities. At the partner's territory, the product is currently implemented in two versions: a video postcard on the observation deck at the top of the mountain and a video of climbing the peak of the highest mountain at resort.
Yachting, Black Sea

Shooting a yacht trip in the Black Sea to the bay of the Olympic capital of Russia - Sochi. Shooting by drone on a yacht on the move with personal approach of tourists.
Zipline Skypark
Moscow, Russia

Zipline 700m in the center of Moscow on Vorobyovy Gory with a flight between MSU building and Luzhniki sports center over the Moskva River at a speed of 60 km/h and more. The equipment used - an action camera in flight with a guest and stationary cameras with motion detection.
Karting of Sochi Autodrome and Timati Karting, Moscow

Great 360 karting videos! The video is of interest for professional athletes to watch the whole race on 360 video and for collectors of entertaining videos! The video can be horizontal format for large screens and vertical format for mobile devices and easy viewing.
Vorobyovy Gory Ski Complex
Moscow, Russia

Ski slopes and snowboard park in the city center. Several slopes on the bank of the Moscow River. Shooting with GoPro 360 camera.
360 Drone-tour
Sochi, Russia

A combined drone and 360 camera solution. Allows for maximum immersion in the flight with the ability to view any interesting details of the facility. Recommended 4K viewing mode.

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